Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bullet Point Blog Post

Y'all, this week has been crazy. Cuh-razy. It's Thursday and I've already had a little breakdown at work and am super exhausted, plus I'm 99% sure I'm getting sick, too. So there's that! 

But anywho, a bullet point blog post for y'all today, because, well...because. ;)

  • I am becoming a two-cups-of-coffee-every-morning girl. I didn't even drink coffee {other than Frappuccinos or something similar} when I moved to Dallas six years ago, but now I'm drinking two cups a day. So bad, yet so good. 
  • Walker is thisclose to crawling, and I'm seriously not ready for that yet! Waaa! 
  • I am officially obsessed with this mask from Origins. Cannot. Get. Enough.
  • Walker has learned to say "bye bye," and I'm kind of obsessed. He sounds like he's making a popping noise with his lips when he does it, which I'm also obsessed with. 
  • My friend Liz has on a red pencil skirt and a leopard cardigan today, and she looks adorable! I need to get a red pencil skirt STAT. 
  • Remember how I said it felt like fall in Dallas late last week and earlier this week? Yeah? Well that's GONE now. Ugh! It's so humid outside and I'm dying for fall to come back into our lives. Walker wore shorts to school today. Shorts! 
  • If you're in the mood for a new pair of jeans, Gap is having $25 off one pair and $50 off two today! I'm personally obsessed with their 1969 Always Skinny jeans. I have them in denim, white and now black. They're the best jeans I've ever owned! 
  • My split ends are OUT. OF. CONTROL! I can't wait to get a haircut next weekend. 
  • Speaking of weekend, I'm getting a much-needed mani/pedi and sadly, I'm looking forward to it like nobody's business. 
  • My parents took us to Sanibel Island, Florida when I was a senior in college. I've had a major hankering to go back there with my little family of three, so I've been doing extensive research on it! I'm thinking next summer, so we shall see! I can't wait for Walker to experience the beach. 
  • PSL's are back at Starbucks, and I caved and got one yesterday. Why are they so dang good?! 
  • Have y'all heard of Shrimp and Grits Kids? Holy moly. I'm a true Southerner and this smocking and monogramming has me dying over here. So cute! 
  • I bought my mom the CUTEST top and necklace yesterday from Banana Republic for her birthday and now all I want to do is go back and get them for myself. Would it be weird if my mom and I matched? Ha! 

I'm sure this post is boring y'all to death. So for that I'm sorry. 

Hope y'all have a great rest of your day! The weekend is almost here!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014


We had such a lovely weekend! Fall finally arrived in Texas {woo hoo, 75* temperatures for the highs!}. I was really sad to see it go, but I'm leaving it behind feeling refreshed and relaxed, which is what weekends are for, right?

Linking up with Biana and Meghan today. 

My boss noticed how hard we worked last week and how we busted our rears all. week. long. last week, so she told us we could leave early. It was so nice! I picked up Walker early, we came home and took a nap together. It was such a great way to kick off the weekend! 

My brother-in-law's girlfriend came over to hang out with us since my brother-in-law was dove hunting. We had so much fun! Brandon made us a homemade pizza for Friday Pizza Night; we had a few drinks; and just enjoyed catching up! We love her. 

We firmly believe Walker is going through a growth spurt and is teething, so he was fighting sleep Friday night and Saturday morning. We were all up really early, boo. But, we all took a 1.5-hour family nap Saturday morning, which was amazing! 

I spent the day cleaning, going to the grocery store, getting gas in my car, etc. It was a typical chore day! Walker and I took another 1.5-hour nap together Saturday afternoon. Loving that this sweet boy likes naps like his mama, because his daddy is not a napper! 

Once Walker was in bed for the night, Brandon and I had dinner {grilled chicken, couscous and sautéed spinach, if you're wondering} and then sat out on the patio together. Like I said, fall finally graced us with its presence, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! Brandon lit the chiminea and poured us a glass of wine, and we just enjoyed talking to each other and enjoying the cool, refreshing air. 

Walker slept from 7 p.m.-7:30 a.m.! Ahhhhhh-mazing!!! {I'm telling you, growth spurt. Usually he's up and at 'em at 6 a.m. But, I'm thankful for the extra 1.5 hours of sleep!} 

We went to church, where we finished our study of Revelation. It was such a good study and has me itching for more. However, our pastor is coming back from his three months of sabbatical, and we are so excited to have him back! 

Walker wore his first pair of loafers to church this morning, so of course I had to take a picture. That, and I was finally able to wear something other than a sun dress to church, so that had to be documented, as well. ;)

This was the best picture I could get of his precious loafers: in the car seat as we're literally walking out the door. He is a wiggle worm! 

We came home from church, had leftovers and then Walker and I took another nap! {Four! Four naps! From my non-napper, this was amazing. I love cuddling up to and sleeping next to this precious baby. I know there will be a time when he will look at me with disgust, so I relish in these times with him.}

An hour and a half later, we watched the Cowboys game with Brandon and were lazy bums. 

I took Walker on a little walk around the neighborhood last night to enjoy the cool air, and I think everyone had the same idea. It felt like Small Town USA: people were out exercising; families were walking with kids, followed toddlers on tricycles; pushed babies in strollers; and walked dogs; and everyone was so happy, waving "hello" to each other and stopping for little conversations. There's just something about fall after a long, hot, sweltering Texas summer. Everyone gets a renewed sense of energy and excitement knowing fall is in the air and cool, crisp air is finally here. If there's one thing I love about living in Texas is not only fall here, but the friendliness. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday! + High Five for Friday

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! I'm linking up with The Farmer's WifeSeptember Farm and Lauren Elizabeth today.

My friend Savannah and I are working on a facelift for this little ol' blog, and I'm excited! I can't wait to show y'all what she does. I'm currently working on a Pinterest inspiration board; I look up and an hour has gone by. Yikes! 

Nothing better than a baby's laughter, amIright?! Brandon and I get tickled every time we watch this video. 

Other than Baylor playing tonight {which is really weird}, we have no plans this weekend! It's supposed to finally feel like fall in Texas this weekend, so I'm hoping we can plan a ton of outside time to enjoy the weather. 

Have y'all heard of the Wunderlist app? My friends Liz and Susana introduced me to it, and I don't know if I'll ever go without using it. 

Wunderlist allows users to manage tasks from their iPhone or iPad via different lists that can be shared with others, if desired. 

I'm still very much a paper list gal for the grocery store, but this helps when I think of random things we need during the day. I can just add as I think about it and then transfer to my paper list when I make it on Friday evenings. The best part is, Brandon can add things, too, and we can share the list! So, if he remembers he needs deodorant, he can add it to the list. But then if he goes to the store the next day, he can get his deodorant, but then look at the list and see that I need hairspray and get that, too. 

It has really kept us organized! 

Loft is having 40% off of everything right now, which is so dangerous for me! I'm in love with their collarless utility blouses, so this little guy is coming home with me today. Oops! 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

About Me

I saw this on Meghan's blog and thought I would borrow the idea for today's post! Here's a little introduction for y'all about me. 

My name is Brittany and I'm 27 years old. I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas, went to college in Central Texas {where I met my now-husband} and moved to North Texas following graduation. 

I married my husband, Brandon, on Oct. 9, 2010. We had our first child, Walker, on Jan. 29 of this year. I have two brothers and a sister {I'm the oldest}, and Brandon is the middle of three boys. My parents still live in my hometown, and Brandon's parents live about 15 minutes away from us. 

I am a Communications Coordinator for a local school district. I have been in this job for about 1.5 years. Prior to that, I did public relations for American Airlines via the PR firm Weber Shandwick. In my current job, I get all of the school holidays off {Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, etc.}, which is really nice. It's a very family-friendly job! Once we have our next baby, the plan is for me to stay home, but we shall see when the time comes. 

Through this job, I have met two of my very good friends, Liz and Susana. I am so blessed to have great friends at work! 

I love cooking {and eating}, shopping, having wine with friends, going for walks, working on our house, napping {ha!}, spending time with my sweet little family and blogging, of course. I also love watching reality TV and college football. 

Favorite Food
I truly don't know how I could ever pick just one thing. I love, love food and eating! Ha! 

I love a good steak; homemade macaroni and cheese; lobster; spaghetti; homemade custard; cherry cream pie; bread {and any carb, really...}; ballpark hot dogs; and I could go on and on, but I'll refrain. 

Favorite Color
My husband will tell you that my favorite color is black. I hardly have any other colors in my closet. 

Standard Coffee Order
We typically drink coffee at home {Donut House K-cups with more-than-enough hazelnut coffee creamer}, but if I go to Starbucks, I'll get a Venti Iced Soy Chai Tea Latte with light ice. If I'm feeling like a Fat Pat, I'll get a Grande Caramel Frappuccino. Of course, I'm all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Peppermint Mocha, too. #basicwhitegirl

Standard Bar Order
White or red wine; a very dirty vodka martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives; and a margarita if I'm at a Tex-Mex restaurant. 

Places I Shop
Loft, Banana Republic, Gap, TJ Maxx, Target...I don't discriminate if It's cute!

Bedtime and Wake-up Time
This has changed dramatically since Walker was born! I try to be asleep by 9:30 p.m. at the latest, because I have to get up at 5 a.m. {during the weeks}. When Brandon travels, I get up at 4:30 a.m. since I'm doing everything by myself. 

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

What I Blog About
I blog mostly about our day-to-day lives and Walker. But I also blog about recent recipe favorites, products I've enjoyed and other randomness!

First Blog I Read
Blue Eyed Bride by Erin Carroll 

How Did I Start Blogging
I had just moved to Dallas and was bored at my first job one day, so I started my first {now defunct} blog, "Small Town Southern Girl." I really enjoyed - and still do - the creative outlet. 

Why I Blog
Like I said, I love the creative outlet. But I also love the friendships I've created and the community blogging brings. It's a great way for me to remember what we did, how I felt about things and an even better way to document everything with Walker, especially because I'm sleep-deprived half the time! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Recent Recipe Favorites

Brandon and I always use Pinterest to find new recipes to ensure we don't get in a recipe rut. Of course, we always use family recipes for our tried-and-true spaghetti, meatloaf and other family staples, but Pinterest has really come through for us in the recipe department. 

Here are some recipes that we have raved about lately:

Have you tried any good Pinterest recipes lately? Do share!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Happy Monday! Today I'm linking up with Biana and Meghan

If I'm being truly honest, this weekend wasn't our best. Full transparency here: it was one of those where Brandon and I weren't in sync, we bickered over silly stuff and I honestly wish I could have a do-over. Those days exist for all of us, don't they? Oh well. It just makes me look even more forward to Friday! 

We had our weekly Friday Night Pizza tradition, and I spent the evening cleaning the house after Walker went to sleep. I'm telling y'all, we are PARTY ANIMALS. 

Walker slept from 7 p.m.-7 a.m., and it was amazing! When he woke up, we all lounged around in bed and played for a while. He and I both took a nap, then I went to the grocery store and got a much-needed pedicure. 

Brandon texted me this picture when I was at the nail place. I love this sweet thing so much!

Brandon's company gave us tickets to the Rangers game, so we got a babysitter for date night. It was basically the worst date night ever: it was pouring down rain {and the ballpark doesn't have a Texas...yeah}; we bickered; the game had a rain delay and I was just miserable! We left early, came home and decided we'd have another date night ASAP. 

I was actually pretty bummed because our seats are the fourth row from the field - and his company has suite access {which was packed because of the weather} - so I knew it could have been really fun. Oh well. 

I woke up in a funk, so I just deemed Sunday family day. We played hooky from church, had lunch together and lounged around the house all day. I made Walker some food, we enjoyed the first day of non-preseason football on TV and all took naps together. It was just what we all needed, I think. Some days are so nice to just be home together with nothing on the agenda. Plus, Walker decided yesterday would be the day to finally say "mama!" I was so happy! He's been saying "dada" and "baba" {for bottle}, so it made my heart burst to hear "mama" for the first time! 

And speaking of football, the Cowboys? Heavy sigh. This is how Walker felt about the game:

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a wonderful week!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday, y'all! This has been a crazy {short} week, so I'm happier than normal that Friday is here!!! I'm linking up with The Farmer's Wife and September Farm today.

Walker has epic bed head/sleepy eyes in the morning, and I'm quite obsessed with both. Brandon feeds him in the mornings for me while I get dressed {thanks, honey!} and I love seeing my two boys snuggle up together. Poor Walker...he gets his crazy cowlick from me. Sorry, little man.

And yes, we were rocking the diaper-and-bib-only look for breakfast this morning. #highclass

I am obsessed with this shirt I have on today! I got it from J.Crew Factory earlier this summer, and I finally wore it today. It's so comfy and cute! It's more of a sweatshirt feel, but the jeweled neck and cuff trim give it a little bit more of a "fancy" look. I paired it with black cigarette pants and my black Tory Burch wedges for a casual Friday look. 

And for all of you crazies, I was at a stoplight when I took this picture, thankyouverymuch.

Brandon and I are having a date night tonight, and I'm really excited about it! Although I always feel guilty leaving Walker behind. Any other mamas get that guilt feeling? 

I made this homemade bread on Monday and I have to say, it's my new favorite thing. It was so easy and it's amazingly yummy! We have been eating on it for breakfast all week. #carbs

I am so glad that college football is back! I'm a little nervous for my Baylor Bears with Bryce Petty's recent injury - plus we lost a ton of good players upon graduation last year - so I'm not sure we'll have the same team as in the last few years. But, we pounded SMU last weekend with a 45-0 victory to open the new McLane Stadium {Sic 'Em}, so there's that. ;)

I hope y'all all have wonderful weekends, wherever you are!